Werkgemeenschap voor Landschapsonderzoek

De Werkgemeenschap voor Landschapsonderzoek (WLO) is een vereniging voor professionals en wetenschappers die zich bezig houden met landschapsonderzoek. De vereniging werd opgericht in 1972 als vereniging voor landschapsecologen.

De WLO behartigt het belang van het landschapsonderzoek en de landschapsecologie in het bijzonder als wetenschapsgebied en als toegepast vakgebied. Dat gebeurt in werkgroepen, op studiedagen, excursies en in ons tijdschrift Landschap. Uitkomsten van onderzoek worden daar gepresenteerd en bediscussieerd. Ervaringen worden uitgewisseld en er is ruimte voor ontmoetingen met collega’s.

Symposium and Excursion ‘The Future of the European landscape’

 20 years of European Landscape Convention

Symposium: 17th of September 2021, De Gelderlandfabriek in Culemborg
Excursion: 18th of September 2021, Fortress De Roovere in Bergen op Zoom

WLO and NVTL invite you to the Symposium and Excursion ‘The Future of the European landscape’. 


The Symposium is part of a series of conferences organised by UNISCAPE. This Symposium is organised as a hybrid event, allowing for both in-person and online participation.

In this year of the 20th Anniversary of the Florence Convention, and as a prelude on the UNISCAPE closing event of this year in Florence on 22 October, the symposium The Future of the European Landscape will discuss the status of the protection, planning and management of the European landscape. It will recommend actions and measures to provide the needed policy support for landscape in the next 20 years. The Conference will take place in person, taking into account the valid corona restrictions on that moment, and will be streamed as well.


9.00-10.30: Lectures (plenary sessions)
– Introduction by David van Zelm van Eldik (head of the program ONS LANDSCHAP, ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations)
– EU Green deal and the European landscape (Frank Vassen, EC DG Environment)
– Landscape dynamics in Europe (Felix Kienast, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research)
– 20 years of ELC in the Netherlands (Gerrit-Jan van Herwaarden, LandschappenNL)

10.30-11.00: Break

11.00-12.00: Lectures in 2 parallel sessions (make your choice at the registration on site, first come first served)
– Landscape and legal identity (Amy Strecker, University College Dublin)
– Inclusion of vulnerable groups in landscape planning (Arjen Buijs, Wageningen University)
– Community based landscape awareness (Pere Sala i Martí, Landscape Observatory Catalonia)
– European landscape as perceived by the residents (Bas Pedroli Wageningen University/JustLandscape & Johan Meeus landscape architect)

12:00-13:00: Interactive poster session (you can register to present a poster at the registration on site)

13.00-14.00: Lunch break

14.00-15.15: Interactive workshops, related to the lectures, discussing consequences and policy recommendations (make your choice for one workshop at the registration on site, first come first served)

The workshops themes
– The European Green deal (Vassen)(live/online)
– The ELC in The Netherlands (Van Herwaarden)(live)
– Typology of Landscape as perceived by people (Pedroli and Meeus)(live)
– Landscape and Democracy (Strecker and Buijs)(live)
– ELC: key issues for the next 20 years (Kienast and Sala i Marti)(live/online)

15.15-15.45: Report back of workshops (plenary session)

15.45-16.15: Coffee break

16.15-17.00: Closing lecture (plenary session)

– The major transitions in Europe leading to new landscapes (Bas Pedroli Wageningen University/JustLandscape)

Registration Symposium

You can buy a ticket for the Symposium until September 15, 2021.
The fee includes entry to conference sessions, coffee breaks and lunch for the on-site participants. The Excursion is charged separately. Travel costs, accommodation are not included in the above-listed conference fees.
You will have the option to switch from in-person to online registration or vice versa until 2 weeks before the conference. Differences in fees will be reimbursed or charged. If you’d like to change your method of participation, or have any other questions regarding your registration, please contact us at hoofdredacteur@landschap.nl  


The excursion will visit fortress De Roovere in Bergen op Zoom. Fortress de Roovere is one of the largest fortresses of the West Brabant Military Water Defence Line, a system of earthen fortresses at strategic points and fields that could be inundated during warfare. It was completely refurbished in 2010. World famous is the Moses Bridge. You walk deep through the water via the Moses Bridge towards the fortress, but your feet stay dry. It is a modern work of art amidst age-old cultural heritage. It won major architecture awards. In 2018, a new theatre tower was realised, the Pompejus. On the way to Bergen op Zoom we will pass new energy landscapes and elements of the Delta Flood Defence Works.

More information about the excursion will be shared on the NVTL and WLO websites shortly.

Registration Excursion
You can buy a ticket for the Excursion until September 15, 2021. The fee includes lunch. The Symposium ‘The Future of the European landscape’ is charged separately. Travel costs, accommodation are not included in the above-listed conference fees.

Special thanks to:
Uniscape, Ministerie BZK, RCE, University of Wageningen

Academie voor Landschap herfst 2021

In het najaar van 2020 kwam de WLO in samenwerking met NVTL en Staatsbosbeheer met een eerste serie bijeenkomsten onder de naam Academie voor Landschap. Het thema van deze eerste leerlijn is het verdwijnen of veranderen van het landschap zoals we dat kennen. Hoe kunnen we omgaan met het verlies van waarden, voor onszelf, voor bewoners, bezoekers en anderen? Hoe kunnen we de betrokkenheid van het landschap opnieuw vormgeven? Hoe gaan we het gesprek aan?

In de herfst van 2021 herhalen we de serie. Klik hier voor alle informatie!



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