Herstel van het droog zandlandschap

Henk Siepel, An Cliquet, Corné Vreugdenhil & Rienk-Jan Bijlsma

heideherstel, mineraalrijkdom, gradiënten, vervuiler betaalt

Restoration of dry sandy landscapes, do’s and don’ts

heathland restoration, mineral richness, gradients, degraders pays principle

Dry sandy landscapes have suffered from man-induced acidification during the past 70 years, equivalent in effect to natural acidification over a period of 11.000 years, causing leaching of nutrients. Next to acidification, the N deposition leads also to eutrophication in an ecosystem which is N limited. For restoration at the landscape scale, the soil type is determining: in original mineral rich soils, the deleterious effects of leaching have to be compensated by adding minerals (rockflour) and P, removed with the sods to get rid of the excess of N, should be supplemented. The restoration costs can be paid by the parties responsible for the acidif ication and eutrophication with reference to the degrader pays principle.

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