Fred Haarman

Slibeconomie, slibtoepassing, kleirijping, landophoging, slibblokken

Hoe kan de grote hoeveelheid slib die jaarlijks wordt gebaggerd in de Eems-Dollard op een duurzame en rendabele wijze worden toegepast? Die vraag staat centraal bij het deelprogramma Nuttig Toepassen Slib dat onderdeel uitmaakt van de het Programma Eems-Dollard 2050 (ED2050). In de zoektocht naar toepassingen worden diverse pilotprojecten uitgevoerd. De opschaling van die pilots bevindt zich nu in de opstartfase.

Towards a profitable fine sediment economy

Fine sediment economy, silt application, clay riping, land elevation, pressed building blocks

To reduce the turbidity of the Eems-Dollard estuary fine sediments are abstracted and used for applications such as dike reinforcement, elevation and improvement of agricultural areas and pressed building blocks. These applications are tested by means of pilots and, if succesful, scaled up to regional practices. In the process of upscaling, the attention focuses on aspects like organization, spatial integration, public support and financing. The ambition is to apply at least one million tons of mud a year in a useful and profitable way, starting from 2025. As operational costs, particulary the transportation of mud and clay, are high, this is not a simple task that requires a social cost-based assessment rather than a purely business economic consideration.

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