Een ontwerpvisie voor grootse windparken in Schotland en Nederland

Marc van Grieken

klimaatadaptatie, windturbines, ruimtelijke samenhang, ontwerpvisie, vierde dimensie

Net als in Nederland verschijnen ook in het Schotse landschap steeds meer windparken, met steeds grotere
windturbines, om conform de doelstelling van het Kimaatakkoord van Parijs in 2050 klimaatneutraal
te kunnen zijn. Deze tasten de diversiteit, ruimtelijke samenhang en beleving van het landschap aan.
‘Grootse’ windparken, met een eigen ontwerp dat in Schotland ‘vierde dimensie’ genoemd wordt, vormen
wellicht een alternatief. Kan dit Schotse concept ook in Nederland toepassing vinden?

Windturbines in the clouds

Climate adaptation, wind turbines, spatial planning, design concept, fourth dimension

Increasing numbers of windfarms affect the diversity and our experience of the landscape. Since wind energy development started, turbines have grown substantially and are expected to reach tip heights of 275 m in the next five years. It has been common practice, to try and fit windfarms into the landscape by relating turbine size and windfarm scale to the scale of the landscape. This is not achievable with turbines already approaching 235 m and taller. These turbines ‘transcend’ the landscape. A new approach is required offering opportunities for design. Large scale windfarms made of very tall turbines
create their own image and composition ‘in the clouds’. They open up a ‘fourth dimension’ to which everybody can assign their own value and association/ interpretation. This is illustrated by conceptual proposals for three large-scale windfarms. These could potentially generate the same amount of electricity as at least 25 smaller windfarms that would be required if following the traditional development approach. Designs that declare: ‘I am a windfarm, I am big, I am urgently needed, I will
be here for a while but you can happily carry on your life below me and I can also be really appealing: a windfarm in the clouds.


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