Jos Verhoeven

onafhankelijk review, OBN onderzoek, laagveenlandschap, fauna, samenwerking

Late colonization of open water and early acidification

Independent review, OBN research, fen areas

This reflection on research and its application funded under the umbrella of OBN to restore the nature quality of extensive fen landscapes in The Netherlands evaluated the main activities and results over the past 10 years. The focus has been on the early colonization of open water by vegetation in re-excavated turf ponds, on the fertilization and acidification of existing species-rich quaking fens and on large-scale water management of fen areas. The studies identified two main causes of the delayed colonization, the poor water quality and the grazing of developing vegetation by geese and muskrats. The acidification and fertilization are due to the high atmospheric nitrogen deposition. Measures to improve the situation have been experimentally tested and gave hopeful results. A unique feature of OBN is the collaboration between scientists, nature managers and water resource managers, which has been very effective in this specific case.

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