Ecosysteemdiensten van watersystemen inzichtelijk gemaakt

Peter van Bodegom, Alexander van Oudenhoven, Katrien Van der Biest, Bert Pijpers, Maarten van ’t Zelfde & Bertien Besteman

analyse-instrument, indicatoren, Sleutelfactor Context, stakeholderanalyse, waterbeheer

Key Factor Context gives insight in ecosystem services provided by water systems

decision making tool, key factor context, indicators, stakeholders, water management

Water and land use management demand valuing the welfare provided by nature to different actors. Ecosystem services express this phenomenon and are at the core of international nature conservation. What has been lacking hitherto, however, is an instrument that gives insight in the ecosystem services provided by water systems and the changes therein by measures to support decision making. The ecosystem services-based instrument ‘’key factor Context’’ aims to sustainably improve water quality in the Netherlands.

The instrument contains a checklist of indicators of ecosystem services provided by water systems. The indicators are expressed in terms evident to decision makers of water boards and provinces. The checklist raises awareness on multiple services and facilitates inventories of possible coalitions. Secondly, the instrument contains a GIS tool to allow evaluating changes in indicators by measures in and around water systems. Hydrology and land use maps before and after taking measures are coupled to computation rules to determine indicators, expressed in physical units. The instrument provides maps of indicators with and without taking measures and summary statistics in infographics showing how measures improve or deteriorate ecosystem services. With these insights, situations can be created in which multiple nature and land use interests are served optimally.

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