Handvatten voor aquatische systeemanalyses

Sebastiaan Schep & Steven Verbeek

Ecologische Sleutelfactoren, watersysteemanalyse, ecosysteemtoestand, Kaderrichtlijn Water

Ecological key factors.

Tool kit for aquatic system analysis

ecological key factors, watersystems analysis, ecosystem state, Water Framework Directive

Water managers work on improving (ecological) water quality mainly with generic measures. This does not lead to the aimed result. Objectives and measures will therefore have to be evaluated in view of the specific functioning and sensitivity of the individual water systems. Ecological Key Factors are intended to give support for this purpose and are developed as a toolkit for a holistic water system analysis, which identifies the major bottlenecks through an improved understanding of ecosystem functioning. Two sets of factors are under development respectively for stagnant and running waters covering water quality, hydrology, morphology, connectivity, vegetation and the wider socio-economic context.

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