Wetenschappelijke grondslagen en toepassing van het handboek

Daan Besselink, André Jansen, Dolf Logeman & Bart Reeze

systeemanalyse, ecohydrologie, beekdal, landschap, beekherstel

Eco-hydrological system analysis of brook valleys.

Scientific base and application of the guideline

system analysis, ecohydrology, brook valley, landscape, brook recovery

European and Dutch legislation aims at restoration of Dutch brooks and their valleys, its characteristic wet vegetation and a natural water storage capacity. Initiatives are often sectoral or too local, carrying the risk of missing essential elements necessary for successful restoration. Moreover, knowledge on stream (valley) restoration is fragmented in The Netherlands. Therefore, STOWA and OBN initiated the publication of the Manual for eco-hydrological system analysis of brook valleys. The manual offers the user an integral and practical step-wise approach. Three phases at two scale levels have been distinguished for a proper implementation of a system analysis. For each phase and at each level relevant in-depth questions and information requirements are suggested. This paper presents the scientific background of the manual. Two restoration projects underline the added value of an eco-hydrological system analysis. In the case Boetelerveld it resulted in a signif icant smaller area required for wetland restoration, whereas in the case Bovenmark it revealed unexpected interdisciplinary relations, resulting into additional design space for brook valley restoration.

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