Versterking kennisbasis en verfijning waterbeheer

Piet Verdonschot, Ralf Verdonschot, Gea van der Lee & Milo de Baat

lerend monitoren, diagnosticeren, quickscan macrofauna, passieve bemonstering, procesmonitoring

Adaptive monitoring.

Enhancing the knowledge base and refining watermanagement

learning by monitoring, diagnosis, quickscan macroinvertebrate  assessment, passive sampling, process monitoring

In this article the authors plea for a switch from monitoring the static state of surface waters towards an adaptive monitoring approach. An adaptive approach implies that during each iterative monitoring cycle the knowledge base is increasingly enhanced and management is refined. Adaptive monitoring is based on learning to understand processes, to translate this knowledge into measures and to adjust the measures where necessary as long as the knowledge increases. Various new methods are provided that make the measuring effort needed in adaptive monitoring possible and that are very cost-effective. Thus, in addition to the increase in measure effectiveness, costs are saved as extra measures or re-restoration is prevented.

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